Crown or Coronet?

The basis of our new logo was straightforward. It has resulted in a simple 'R' in letter-form (in Scotch Roman) with an Earl's coronet on top.

A crown is worn by an emperor, empress, King or Queen; a coronet by a nobleman or lady.

Put the two together and a simple logo mark was born and is now used to brand a wide range of applications.

Racing Colours

What followed next was the colour choice. The inspiration for the colours came from the long association with horse racing within the family. Indeed, the 5th Earl had his own racing colours registered in 1868: primrose with rose hoops and a rose cap.

The origin of Rosebery primrose colour reflects the family name of Primrose. The Rosebery pink alludes to the 'Rose' in Rosebery.

To read more about the Rosebery family history, see here.

Fast forward 150 years

Family consultations mixed with a little help from an expert in design, our hand crafted modern identity was born.

Never before have we loved our Rosebery Pink and Primrose Yellow so much.